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News from the USCCA and the church in China

The Journey of Lent: Easter Sunday

Easter: A meditation- completing the journey of Lent with baptism.  

The USCCA invites you to participate in the journey of Lent. 

Not everyone is a "cradle Catholic."

Not everyone is baptized soon after their birth.

For some, the forty-day journey of Lent can also be the intentional and reflective time before being baptized on Easter.

The Passionist China Collection: 800.02_073.005.

While some are willing to proclaim their personal conversion story, others value the solitude of their experience.

In this present day,  Easter baptisms are most common in the liturgy. This is when the newly baptized and the assembled community are inspired to receive and share in this gift of faith.   


If you are a convert to Catholicism, how do you share your faith story? 

How do you listen to others' conversion stories? 

This Easter 2024, let us respect and reverence those who have completed the journey of Lent with baptism.

Lenten Blessings and Peace,

Rev. Rob Carbonneau, CP, Ph.D., Director Emeritus

And All of us at the USCCA



  • This is a photo from the Passionist China Collection. In 1922, the first six American Passionists arrived in West Hunan, China, to minister in a region that had been staffed by the Spanish Augustinians since 1870. Successful ministry required Europeans and Americans to let go of their initial prejudices and cooperate. As best as can be determined, this group photo might have been taken in 1923 or 1924. After the Chinese catechumens had completed their Lenten journey. 

  • The photo includes the following notation. “1st baptism class. During time of instruction they have all they can do to study catechism and prayers from morning till night. If they are too poor to pay for daily food, [the] mission must feed them. Most of them are too poor. It costs 3 to 4 dollars a month to feed them. Often [they] come with nothing…?”

  • With these new Chinese Catholics are [(far left back row): Fr. Dominic Langenbacher, C.P., (sitting): A Spanish Augustinian, (back row right): Fr. Edmund Campbell, C.P.,]

  • The Passionist China Collection: 800.02_073.005. Located at the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History at the Boston College.



~ from Rev. Rob Carbonneau, CP, Ph.D., Director Emeritus

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