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Who We Are

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history & present

Founded in 1989 as the United States Catholic China Bureau through the collaborative efforts of Maryknoll, the Jesuits, other religious orders, and concerned US bishops, our organization was launched at a time when China's opening to the outside world set in motion a cavalcade of changes domestically as well as internationally. The USCCB (our initials at the time) worked to keep the American public, the American Catholic Church, and the American Catholic bishops informed of the needs and circumstances of the Church in China.

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Building bridges of friendship and dialogue

Xi'an Stele, also known as the Nestorian Tablet, is a Tang Chinese Stele erected in 781 that documents 150 years of early Christianity in China. The cross in the USCCA logo is inspired by the cross etching on the stele.

Today the USCCA continues its work of building fraternal ties between the Catholic communities on both sides of the Pacific.


Our activities include:

  • hosting study tours so that Americans can learn about China and the circumstances of the Church there first hand

  • sending speakers to parishes across America 

  • hosting national conferences on issues facing the Church in China

  • publishing an informative newsletter on relevant developments​

  • providing key resources on our website, including links to relevant news sources, curated publications, resources for travelers, and the like

  • collaborating with social service and other Catholic organizations in China itself

  • serving as a network where people concerned with our mission can learn from and support one another's efforts 

Who We Are

Mission & Vision


our mission

Inspired by the Gospel, the mission of the US-China Catholic Association is to build bridges of friendship and dialogue between people of China and the United States by offering educational, service, and cultural programs in support of the Church and the larger society.

our vision

The vision of the US-China Catholic Association is to build friendship and cooperation between Catholics in China and in the United Sates for the flourishing of society.

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Mission & Vision

Contact Us

Mailing address

US-China Catholic Association

1646 Addison Street

Berkeley, CA 94703




+1 (510) 900-2015 

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