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Receive discounts to USCCA events. Gain access to Board-level privileges. Stand by the USCCA in these challenging times. 

Become a USCCA Affiliate!

By becoming a USCCA Affiliate, your impact supports our efforts in the U.S. and reaches across the Pacific. The USCCA is the only national level Catholic organization that works in the U.S. and abroad in fraternal support of the Church in China.

Privileges of being a USCCA Affiliate:


Exchange Ideas with people who share your vision

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Affiliates have access to USCCA Book Circles. Read timely and topical works related to faith, China, and the modern era. Hear what others have to say— people from the US and greater China, sisters and priests, professors, and committed lay people.

(Above): One USCCA Book Circle is reading John C.H. Wu’s Beyond East and West. Last session, John C.H. Wu, Jr. who wrote the preface, joined the discussion

Seeking a deeper understanding?

Affiliate members have exclusive access to board level briefings on the church and political life of China led by award winning academics and journalist from around the globe.


(Above): John Kamm, Director of the Dui Hua Foundation, and Georgetown professor Fr. Drew Christiansen, joined our last briefing on human rights, Catholic tradition, and China.

Thinking of joining the USCCA’s 29th International Conference in Chicago in August 2023 — online or in person?

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USCCA Affiliates receive a 25% registration discount. Benefactor

Affiliates and Patron Affiliates have their registration waived entirely. Affiliates receive discounts when joining study tours and other USCCA events, as well.

all USCCA affiliates receive:

  • updates on the Church in China

  • announcements of other programs, activities, and resources of the USCCA

  • an invitation to director briefings in their area

  • the opportunity to provide feedback on matters involving the mission of the USCCA

  • eligibility to participate in USCCA Book Circles

  • an invitation to attend USCCA online briefings 

Affiliate privileges are normally valid for one year. Privileges are nontransferable.

Your affiliate status will NOT auto-renew.

Affiliate Status Options:

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from Fr. michael agliardo,
ussca director

Take an active role in the mission of the USCCA. Stand for the Church, which spans cultures and unites people. Stand for constructive dialogue. Stand for truth in a world dominated by one-sided ideology. Stand for welcome of Chinese international students who come to the U.S. Stand against anti-Asian prejudice.


We have a growing team of volunteers, staff, and board members. We need your support. Stand with the USCCA.



Fr. Michael

partner affiliate
For friends of the USCCA who
would like to support our mission.

  • receive 25% discount on conference registration

  • receive a $50 discount on study tours

  • receive 25% discount on other USCCA paid activities

Contribution Level: $50–$499

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joint affiliates
For members of the same household
who would like to support the mission
of the USCCA.

  • each member receives 25% discount on conference registration

  • each member receives a $50 discount on study tours

Contribution Level: $75–$499

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student affiliate
For current students who desire to participate in the mission of the USCCA.

  • receive $25 discount towards conferences and study tours*

  • eligible to apply for study tour subsidies

Contribution Level: $25

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Benefactor Affiliate
For friends of the USCCA who take a significant interest in our mission and are able to provide greater support.

  • conference registration fees waived

  • $100 discounts on study tours

  • listed as a Benefactor in the program of all USCCA events the during the term of support

Contribution Level: $500 to $2499

np_Cathedral towers on blue sky in Zuric


For friends of the USCCA who enable our mission in decisive ways through the support they provide.

  • conference registration fees waived for self and several guests

  • listing as a Patron in the program of all USCCA events of the during the term of support

  • membership in the directors circle, if so desired

Contribution Level: $2,500 and Above

Fr. Michael

sign up to be a  USCCA affiliate:

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