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Chinese and  American Friendship Ministry

CAAFM Mission

The US-China Catholic Association has launched its Chinese and American Friendship Ministry. Its aim is to broaden engagement with students from China who come to the U.S. for high school and university education. In the spirit of Pope Francis, the USCCA understands the importance of this opportunity for meaningful dialogue and friendship and that a "culture of encounters" creates spaces and places to experience the best of American culture, values, and faith intelligible to people coming from a very different socio-cultural background. With over 400,000 Chinese international students in the United States each year, the USCCA has chosen to respond to this historic moment. We are also developed an inclusive and responsive model for accompaniment and friendship. 

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The goal of our

initiative is to create a greater understanding of the cultural, sociological, and philosophical backgrounds of Chinese International  students, which in turn, will help lead  these students  to a richer campus life. 

The USCCA's Chinese and American Friendship Ministry provides programming of welcome and outreach to Chinese international students; it also enhances the ability of theology professors, campus ministers, and other university members who work with these students, to successfully engage them on campus.


The presence of these young people on U.S. campuses is a testament to the value that Chinese parents and Chinese young people see in an American education. It also represents an opportunity to share friendship and a more human vision for the future with these young people.


At a time when tensions in the international arena are increasing, it is important to emphasize the deeper truth of our shared values and our shared responsibility for building a common future. 


The mission of the USCCA is inspired by the Gospel, and this program based on friendship, dialogue, and mutual respect comes from the heart of our mission. We stand ready to share the source of our inspiration with those who seek to know the Gospel. 

For inquiries, please contact,

the Chinese and American Friendship Ministry at

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Support the CAAFM

Your support of the USCCA’s Chinese and American Friendship Ministry will enable us to expand our offering of workshops, build our network, provide bilingual and inspirational materials, and organize activities for young people to deepen their encounter with Gospel values.

The USCCA is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Support the CEI

Our Approach: The Chinese and American Friendship Ministry seeks to welcome and invite four communities to this ministry: (1) Chinese international students and their American peers; (2) the Newman Center on campus; (3) the broader college/university community;  and (4) local parishes in order create a culture of friendship and encounters that deepen and strengthen our sense of belonging, purpose and faith.

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