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News from the USCCA and the church in China

The Journey of Lent: Week 3

Week Three: A meditation-focused prayer during Lent. 

The USCCA invites you to participate in the journey of Lent. 

Lent provides us with the opportunity to draw closer to God in prayer.

Photo: Rev. Rob Carbonneau, C.P., Ph.D.

With confidence in God, these forty days enable each of us to deepen our spiritual life. For many, this means making the commitment to attend daily Mass, recite the Rosary, read Scripture or special devotions, light a candle at home, take a solitary walk, or share faith with another person.

In all of these respective rituals we also have the chance to include prayerful intentions from our heart. No matter how we pray, Lent is a time to seek a personal relationship with God and social peace with one another.     

Reading Scripture in community with friends is a life-giving activity. With the Chinese-English Bible currently available on our website, you can learn more about the connections between Chinese and English through faithful translations of ancient Greek and Hebrew biblical texts.

We encourage you to consider how your prayer and faith community might benefit from the introduction of several bilingual Bibles for group study. This Bible also makes a beautiful gift for anyone seeking to understand how Christ's message speaks across languages and cultures.

Click on this link to place your order now. Deepen your understanding of Chinese and English words by studying the divinely inspired Word.

Our prayers together and your financial donation (large or small) assist in our mission of friendship this Lent.

Lenten Blessings and Peace,

Rev. Rob Carbonneau, CP, Ph.D., Director Emeritus

And All of us at the USCCA



  • Posting this blurred photo of a Chinese woman in prayer is intentional. It represents the quest of all of us to seek a focused prayer life as part of our Lenten journey. In 2015, I made a visit to South Church in Beijing. As I walked among the pews, I was moved by the peace and presence of this woman praying her Rosary. I snapped her photo.

  • After, I was frustrated that the image was distorted. However, as the years have passed, I have gained greater consolation that this photo represents the intent of so many of us to remain attentive in prayer.

  • During this third week of Lent, let us draw consolation from the dynamic and diverse methods and opportunities available to us to stay focused in prayer even when our faith is chaotic or tested. God always welcomes an open heart during Lent. Photo: Rev. Rob Carbonneau, C.P., Ph.D.


Reflections from Rev. Rob Carbonneau, CP, Ph.D., Director Emeritus

Finally, if you have enjoyed your visit to the USCCA website and learning about our mission, donate $35 to honor the 35th anniversary of the USCCA 


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