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News from the USCCA and the church in China

USCCA Welcomes a New Staff Member for Campus Engagement

USCCA is pleased to announce the addition of Kathleen O'Brien to the team. Kathleen will serve as Bay Area Coordinator for the Campus Engagement Initiative, effective Spring 2022.

Kathleen's commitment to her Catholic faith and passion for Chinese culture were nurtured during her time at Bradley University, where she was a religious studies and philosophy major. Upon graduation, she dedicated three years as a Maryknoll lay missionary, teaching English in China at Jilin Agricultural College and Jilin Catholic Seminary.

Kathleen’s years in China were transformative. They led her to Chicago where she is currently in her last year of study for a master’s in systematic theology at Catholic Theological Union. She is excited to be a part of carrying on the imperative mission of the USCCA by helping to launch the Campus Engagement Initiative.


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