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The US-China Catholic Association (USCCA) stands ready to assist you in your vital work supporting Chinese International Students.  An organization that has spent thirty years building relations between Catholics in China and the United States, we have recruited a team of international experts to provide you with useful tools, resources, and online info-sessions.

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The US China Association has officially launched a new program called the “Campus Engagement Initiative.” With over 400,00 Chinese high school and university students in the United States each year, we realized this is a way to strengthen our bonds of understanding and friendship without leaving our own backyard. Several years in the making, this initiative is dedicated to enhancing the ability of university campus administrators, student services personnel, and especially professors of theology and religion, who teach Chinese international students, to successfully engage their students  on campus. We also acknowledge that we are in a very difficult time for all faculty and students, and this  is especially the case for Chinese international students who have been stranded by the pandemic and taken aback by the tense rhetoric between China and the U.S.

The goal of our methodology is to create a greater understanding on the part of faculties and administrations as to the cultural, sociological, and philosophical backgrounds of Chinese International  students which in turn will help lead  these students  into a richer  campus life. 


We are currently in the process of distributing a high school and university survey to solicit feedback on several areas to better understand  the real needs of both the students and schools.  

If you work in a high school or university that hosts Chinese international students and are interested in improving your institution’s efforts to serve them, consider taking our brief 9 question survey to better inform our efforts. There are different versions for religious studies and theology teachers, campus ministers, and counselors and recruiters, depending on the level the institution serves.

To learn more about the CEI workshops and surveys and to register, please make

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Additionally, the US China Association will be offering workshops at both the university and high school level online via Zoom.  These workshops will be offered both in Fall 2020 and in Spring 2021. Additional dates will be added soon.

Please note, we will be offering follow-up workshops at our 2021 Conference, July 30 – August 1, “China, Christianity, and the Dialogue of Civilizations.”

For inquiries, please contact Cecilia Flores, Campus Engagement Coordinator at

The US-China Catholic Association was founded in 1989 by concerned U.S. bishops, Maryknoll, the Jesuits, and representatives of other religious orders in order to promote mutual support and fraternal ties between the Church in China and the U.S. Church.

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