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News from the USCCA and the church in China

Two Marynknoll Missionaries Trade Stories and Share Hope

The US-China Catholic Association (USCCA) is a bridge between scholars, religious, Chinese Catholics, and interested laity in the United States. Recently, a former Lay Maryknoll Missionary and now full-time USCCA staff member, Kathleen O'Brien, had the opportunity to meet a current Maryknoll priest, Fr. Bob Carleton. Fr. Carleton has been a dedicated supporter of the Catholic Church in China for many years. He is a longtime USCCA Board member and previously served as Treasurer.

At the Maryknoll residence in Los Altos, California, Fr. Carleton and Kathleen had the chance to share their love of the Maryknoll mission and their experiences of their time in China. Kathleen noted that meeting with Fr. Carleton reminded her of her love for the USCCA mission. She states, "The history, stories, and dedication of the Maryknollers and other religious orders in China is the legacy that the USSCA mission endeavors to carry forward day."


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