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News from the USCCA and the church in China

The USCCA’s 2021 Annual Appeal Launches this Weekend!

We are hopeful as we announce the launch of our 2021 Annual Appeal, happening this weekend. Our goal is to raise 30K in 30 days. We are especially fortunate this year because each dollar that our donors give will be matched up by generous benefactors up to an additional $30,000.

Click here to meet the challenge, double your impact, and help us reach our goal of $60,000 in support of our mission.

The past 18 months have been challenging for everyone, but the USCCA has not been sidelined. We enjoyed a successful international conference: participants were able to meet in person and online; keynote speakers joined us from around the world; academic and pastoral panels gave all who assembled a deeper appreciation of the challenge of the Gospel.

The USCCA also published an American edition of Lu Nan’s monumental On the Road, his photographic journey which brilliantly captures love and faith in the everyday life of the China’s rural Catholics.

The China Association co-hosted three online talks discussing Christian Theology in China, Current Views on Hong Kong, and Confucian and Christian Dialogue.

We held online sessions advancing the USCCA’s Campus Engagement Initiative. Now we are excited to announce an addition to the team: Kathleen O'Brien (MA in Theology, Catholic Theological Union, pictured left), who will join the USCCA full-time in June 2022.

We were able to continue our book circles, where participants read timely and topical works related to faith, China, and the modern era. Amongst the circle members are people from the US and greater China, sisters and priests, professors, and committed lay people.

We pray that you will stand by us. There is no gift too small. Your contribution will keep us moving forward!


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