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USCCA 2021
annual appeal

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Appeal Update: Thank you to all of our donors! We surpassed our goal of $60,000, with a finishing total of $61,577. Read more >
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Father Michael Agliardo

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Greetings from the US-China Catholic Association!

It has been a challenging year, but the USCCA has not been sidelined. Thanks to your generous support, here are just a few highlights, with more detail below, of what we have accomplished:

  • The USCCA’s 28th International Conference: August’s long awaited conference was a great success. See scenes from the conference here and view the first-rate talks.

  • USCCA Publication: Lu Nan’s On the Road (在路上), a photo documentary of China’s Catholics. Learn more about Lu Nan and pre-order the book here.

  • “Exploring Christianity and Culture in China: Today and Yesterday”: Three great events online, which you can view here.

  • Briefings and Book Circles: From John C. H. Wu to reflections on human rights, open to Affiliates. Learn more about becoming an Affiliate here.

  • Outreach to Chinese International Students: Launch of the USCCA’s Campus Engagement Initiative (CEI)

We come to you now to ask for your support of our 2021 Annual Appeal. We pray that you will stand by us. There is no gift too small. Your contribution will keep us moving forward!


Your contribution will be matched by supporters who also appreciate the importance of our mission.

Help us build bridges of respect and dialogue. Join with the USCCA today to support our brothers and sisters in faith in China.

May God bless you,

highlights from 2021


Our 28th International Conference – A Gathering in Faith and Hope!

It was a great joy to be able to gather at Santa Clara University in sunny California for the USCCA’s 28th International Conference, “China, Christianity and the Dialogue of Civilizations.” Those that joined us online more than doubled the number! Presenters and keynote speakers informed and inspired. They unpacked the theme of engagement between Christianity and Chinese civilization, exploring how we are united by a larger horizon of shared values and the pursuit of the common good. All were first rate - thank you! On Saturday night Brent Fulton and Joann Pittman of ChinaSource were given the Ricci Award for their service to God and China. Mass was presided over by Archbishop Savio Hon and brought people together in prayer and good will. Click here to learn more and view the keynote and panel presentations from the conference.

Lu Nan’s On the Road (在路上) Now Available in Limited Edition    

At the 28th International USCCA Conference Professor Jamason Chen shared his deep insights regarding On the Road (在路上), the epic work of one of China’s preeminent photographers, Lu Nan. Lu Nan devoted five years to capturing the life and faith of China’s Catholics in stunning black and white images. As a confidant and friend of Lu Nan, Professor Chen is uniquely suited to break open his work. Now out of print in China, On the Road is being published in limited edition in the United States by the USCCA. Visit our Lu Nan page to learn more and to pre-order On the Road. You may also view Prof. Chen’s talk here.


Note: Donors who contribute $1,000 or more to our Annual Appeal, will receive a complimentary copy of  On the Road.

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“Exploring Christianity & Culture in China: Today and Yesterday” – Adding Depth and Insight

“Exploring Christianity & Culture in China” has been a cornerstone of public engagement during this very difficult past year.  As part of this series, cohosted by the USCCA, ChinaSource and the China Academic Consortium, respected experts shared their reflections on key issues affecting Christianity and China, both in history and in our day. Diverse constituents from across the U.S. and around the world joined us online. You may view programs on “The Role of Confucian-Christian Dialogue in China Puzzle”, “Christian Theology in a Chinese Idiom” and “Current Views on Hong Kong Christian Civic Life” by clicking here.

Campus Engagement Initiative – Reaching Chinese Students in the U.S.   

During the past year, the USCCA has run online workshops and presentations for those who work with Chinese international students in U.S. high schools and universities. The goal has been to enhance our welcome of and outreach to these students by better understanding their own circumstances, challenges, and aspirations. Dr. Gary Meegan , spoke about “Approaches to Teaching Religious Studies to Chinese International High School Students.” At USCCA Conference 28, Dr. Meegan, youth expert Kin Sheung “Chiaretto” Yan, former China National Seminary Rector Fr. John Chen, St. Louis University international student professional Andrea Zhou, and many others addressed outreach to Chinese students. In June 2022, former Jilin missionary Kathleen O'Brien (MA in Theology, Catholic Theological Union – pictured right) will join the USCCA to promote this effort full time. 

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Briefings and Book Circles

The USCCA sponsored several book circles and insider briefings for our Board. Affiliates have access to USCCA Book Circles. Together, we read timely and topical works related to faith, China, and the modern era. The book circles and briefings give people the opportunity to hear what others have to say— people from the US and greater China, sisters and priests, professors, and committed lay people. Learn more about becoming an affiliate here


It is with great gratitude that we announce that our 2021 Annual Appeal received $61,577, surpassing our goal of $60,000!

From Individual Donors:

From Matching Donors:

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Support the USCCA for 2021 

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