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News from the USCCA and the church in China

Moving the Mission Forward: The 2023 Annual Appeal

We come to you now to ask for your support of our 2023 Annual Appeal. We pray that you will stand by us. All donations, however large or small, are most welcomed and appreciated.

Your interest in and your spiritual and financial support for the USCCA will keep us moving forward!

We're also very pleased to introduce you to new board leadership including Peter Tan (our new Board Chair) and two new Board members, Carolyn Woo and Herb Quinde.

Through the generosity of your support and partnership, the USCCA has managed to stay ahead of expenses, all while reimagining our work with college and university students through the Chinese and American Friendship Ministry (CAAFM). Piloted throughout 2022-23, the Fall 2022 Annual Appeal will be the key to continuing our programming and promoting our mission.

In an era when tensions within the U.S., the Americas, across the Gulf region and beyond to the Pacific drive people apart, the USCCA’s promotion of dialogue, faith and friendship, encountering and belonging, welcoming and mutual respect is more relevant than ever.

The upcoming Fall 2023 Annual Appeal will run through the month of December 2023. Currently, the USCCA has set an overall campaign goal of $200,000; during the pre-campaign/silent phase, USCCA has received pledges or gifts of nearly $90,000 and full support from USCCA's Board.

If you would like to help in this effort, please contact Gerald Doyle, Interim Chief Administrative Officer, at


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