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News from the USCCA and the church in China

Travel to China With the USCCA May Be Possible in 2022

Our partners in Beijing are moderately optimistic that by the latter part of the summer, we will be able to host one or more China study tours. These study tours offer a unique opportunity to better understand Chinese society and the circumstances of the Christians who live there.

At present, we are assessing interest from possible participants in three possible study tours: From the Heartland to the Borderlands: Faith in Chinese Context; USCCA Friends Across the Pacific: Solidarity in Challenging Times; and China Ever Ancient, Ever Young: The Human Quest.

If you believe you would be interested in joining us, we invite you to view the above tour options. Then either fill in the corresponding interest form or you can drop an email to Bernard Ciernick, the USCCA’s Study Tour Coordinator ( with any questions.


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