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Faith in chinese context

China is a land of surpassing cultural and historical breadth. Revel in its ultra-modern cities, its great centers of education, and its ancient heartland, as well as villages where ethnic minorities have lived for centuries. In these diverse settings, study tour participants will hear firsthand from the Catholics who share in the life of their local communities.

This tour is specially designed for graduate students and the academic community.

Educational subsidies may be available. All are welcome.

tour leader

Father Michael Agliardo, director of the China Association and research scholar at Santa Clara University, will lead the tour. Staff of the internationally respected Beijing Center for Chinese Studies will provide logistical support.

working itinerary






A cosmopolitan city and center of world finance; important center of Chinese urban Catholicism.


The site of 1st imperial capital of China; terminus of fabled Silk Road; home to St. Francis Cathedral (1715) and a vibrant Catholic community.


Sichuan also boasts ancient Han Chinese roots; enjoy local cuisine; see the pandas; and meet Catholic and Protestant leaders.


A province nestled in valleys that slope down from the Himalayas where many ethnic minority villages are found, some Catholic for centuries.


Center of Cantonese speaking China, where the perspective and the cuisine are colored by regional tastes.

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