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solidarity in challenging times

Immerse yourself in China’s modern metropolises and ancient historical sites – Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xi'an. Experience the Church Universal, one faith expressed in varied and unique ways. Appreciate how, despite the challenges and discord of today, we support one another in our journey of faith.

This tour is specially designed for seminary rectors and representatives of Catholic organizations who want to better understand contemporary China, its faith communities, as well as prospects for future collaboration. All are welcome.

tour leader

Father Michael Agliardo, director of the China Association, has taught in China's national seminary and met with Church leaders throughout the country. Join him for a unique opportunity to meet fellow Catholics in the Middle Kingdom.

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Ancient imperial sites and churches coexist on land granted by emperors in centuries past; magnificently restored historic churches; a seminary visit.

A rich Catholic heritage; the Catholic Church plays an important role in education, social services, and the civic life of the community.


A cosmopolitan city and center of world finance; important center of Chinese urban Catholicism; Fudan University and Sheshan pilgrimage site.


The site of the first imperial capital of China; terminus of fabled Silk Road; Nestorian Stele, home to St. Francis Cathedral (1715); a vibrant Catholic community.

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