China, Christianity, and the

Dialogue of Civilizations

28th International Conference of

the US-China Catholic Association

Co-sponsored by the Department of Sociology, Santa Clara University

We invite authors, organizations, and individuals to:

  • propose / offer academic panels that will enhance our proceedings

  • propose / offer practical and pastoral workshops and presentations

  • provide literature regarding their organization

  • promote a book that may be of interest to conference goers

Conference Proposals

Academic panels

Prospective conference presenters are invited to submit presentation abstracts drawing on the methods and resources of their respective disciplines.


The theme of this conference is the engagement between Christianity and Chinese civilization. Panels  may examine this theme in light of recent developments, the larger horizon of shared values, and/or  pursuit of the common good.  

A note about this particular conference model: Attendees will include both scholars and people  involved in various faith communities. The purpose of these panels is to share the insights of the  academic community and the perspectives of its various disciplines with the larger, informed public.  

Current panels to date:

  • Building Bridges Between China and The West: Three Case Studies

  • The Sino-Vatican Accord in Historical and Comparative Perspective

  • Sinicization of Religion: Meaning and Application

  • China and Environmental Stewardship: The Contribution of The Churches

  • Urbanization and Its Far-Reaching Implications

  • The Coronavirus, The Global Community, and The Church

  • Sino-Christian Theology: Chinese Intellectuals Engage Christian Tradition

  • Chinese Christian Spirituality

  • Civic Controversy in Hong Kong and Christian Community

  • Young People and Contemporary Society

  • Women and Faith Communities in China Today

Please refer to the Call for Papers below for further information.

Note: Registration fees are waived for panel organizers.


Send any inquiries to Xin Chen at

pastoral & Practical Sessions

Discussion forums and practical advice from people involved in the life of the Church in China and in the Chinese diaspora.

Workshops and Pastoral Sessions will be presented in the following four tracks. ​


Sessions on the training of ministers, the life of the Church, and challenges and opportunities in China today.


Workshops on the challenges of living as Chinese Christians in a multicultural society, including workshops on cultural heritage, youth, reaching out to new immigrants.


What are the challenges that Chinese international students face when attending university in the United States? How can host institutions better welcome them and prepare them for service in society.


What are the challenges that Chinese international students face when attending high school in the United States? During these formative years, how can host institutions better foster their integral human development?


Note: Registration fees are waived for all pastoral session presenters.


The US-China Catholic Association was founded in 1989 by concerned U.S. bishops, Maryknoll, the Jesuits, and representatives of other religious orders in order to promote mutual support and fraternal ties between the Church in China and the U.S. Church.

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