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News from the USCCA and the church in China

Chinese Christians and the Path to Liberal Modernity in China

in person:

Beulah Chapel at Home of Peace

4700 Daisy St.

Oakland, California 94619


Sun, Nov 14 / 4pm-6pm (PST)

Sun, Nov 14 / 7pm-9pm (EST)

Mon, Nov 15 / 8am-10am (China)


John Barwick, a lecturer in the Department of History at Cornell University, has a Ph.D. in modern Chinese history and has done work on the role of Protestant elites in China’s modernization during the first part of the 20th century. His research centers on the fascinating enigma that is modern China. He is drawn especially to the question of Chinese engagement with the modern world during the 19th and 20th centuries and the construction of Chinese modernity that emerged from it. A sub-theme of his work considers the role of religion in modern societies, and in particular the role of Christianity in mediating notions of modernity around the world over the past two centuries. His presentation will help us more fully understand Christianity's contribution to China’s development during the 1930's.

After the lecture program on the stage ends, explore ideas and meet new people in any of the small groups throughout the evening. Explore ideas, meet new people, build community. Stay as long as you’d like at any of the three virtual tables.

This event is being hosted by China Academic Consortium (ERRChina) and co-hosted by USCCA and ChinaSource.

The above link will take you to China Academic Consortium's website to register.


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