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Our Hope
is in Christ

The 29th International Conference of

the US-China Catholic Association

August 2-4, 2024

DePaul University, Chicago, IL

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Conference 29 Panels and Workshops Coming Soon.

Academic Panels From Conference 28:

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The current circumstances of and challenges of Christians in Hong Kong


Panel description.

Lai Tzs Him - photo.jpg

A Brief History of Christian Social Engagement in Hong Kong


Tsz Him LAI

PhD Candidate in Religion and Society, Drew University

Wing Yi WONG.jpg

“It is Too Much” to Preach: The Problem of Fatigue and Self-Censorship after 2020 in Hong Kong

Wing Yi WONG
PhD Candidate in Homiletics,
Emmanuel College, University of Toronto

Wing Yin LI.jpg

Ecumenical Solidarity Amidst Challenges Faced by Hong Kong Christians in Diaspora in the United Kingdom

Wing Yin LI
Prospective PhD Student in Theology,
Princeton Theological Seminary


Panel on Chinese young people 



Fileder, Caroline - headshot.jpeg

Navigating Cultural Crossroads: Chinese communities in Yorkshire (UK) and the Gospel


Caroline Fielder

Lecturer in Chinese Studies, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Leeds, UK

Rasch, Thomas - photo.png

Teaching Theology in the New China: A California Jesuit meets Chinese Students


Thomas Rausch, SJ

T. Marie Chilton Professor of Catholic Theology, Loyola Marymount University




Panel on Chinese culture and Christianity


Stout, Kathy - headshot.jpeg



Monica Romano


Lin Yutang's Conversion

Kathy Huilin Stout
Doctoral Candidate

University of Dayton

From Laozi’s Dialectics of Harmony to Trinitarian Relationships in Christianity

Chiaretto Yan (甄健湘)

Visiting Professor at the University of Saint Joseph, Macau


China and Environmental Stewardship: The Contribution of The Churches


China is pursuing innovative solutions to climate change and environmental degradation. What role have China's Christians played in supporting sustainability? In light of Laudato si', do environmental issues constitute a possible area of collaboration between Chinese leadership and the Churches?

Collaboration Between California and China on Environment and Climate Change


Robert Jones

President,  Ecolinx Foundation


The Nature’s Voice: Chinese Christian Artists’ Contribution to the Protection of Environment

Sun Jili
Associate Professor, Northwestern University, Chicago


Integral Ecology of Pope Francis at the Beijing Expo 2019 on Horticulture


Chiaretto Yan (甄健湘)

Visiting Professor at the University of Saint Joseph, Macau

Urbanization and Its Far-Reaching Implications

China’s rapid urbanization has important consequences for every aspect of people’s social life, and this includes their spiritual life. How has rapid urbanization affected the faith, practice, and communal life of Chinese Christians?


Moderator of the Panel


Richard Madsen

Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego


Place, Space, and Face: Urbanization and the Emergence of New Protestant Communities in China


Brent Fulton

President, ChinaSource


How Catholics Adapt to Changes in China: A Missiological Perspective


Chiaretto Yan. (甄健湘)

Visiting Professor at the University of Saint Joseph, Macau

Sino-Christian Theology: Chinese Intellectuals Engage Christian Tradition


In recent decades, scholars throughout China have studied the Bible and Christian theology. Some have written on Christian theology from a Chinese academic perspective. What have they had to say? What is the significance of this intellectual movement?


Antiphonal Comparative Cultural Readings of the Analects《论语》and the Chinese Union Bible《和合本圣经》: Reflective Appreciations of Shi Hengtan’s 石衡潭 Masterpiece of 2018


Lauren F. Pfister 費樂仁

Professor Emeritus, Hong Kong Baptist University


Sino-Christian Theology: A Personal Review and Reminisce after 25 years


Stephen T. Chan

Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies, Seattle University

Yongli CHen.jpg

Christian Reception of the Roman Virtue Pietas (also Filial Piety) in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages


Rev. John Chen Yongli 陈勇利

Catholic priest of Xinjiang diocese,

Doctoral Student,

St. Paul University, Ottawa, Canada

Chinese Wisdom and Catholic spirituality

Christian mission is often imagined to be a unidirectional enterprise. In fact, Christianity also has learned from and been enriched by each culture it has encountered, from Syria and the Greco-Roman world to the far reaches of Asia. How have Chinese culture and philosophy proffered fresh perspectives to Western Christians? How have Chinese spiritual traditions enriched Christianity?


Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism as My Teachers: A Pre-Vatican II Chinese Comparative Theology in John C. H. Wu’s Autobiography Beyond East and West (1951)


Zhixi Wang 王志希

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Shantou University


A Chinese Tunic for Christ: An Introduction to John C. H. Wu's Classical Chinese Bible Translation


John A. Lindblom

University of Notre Dame


Thomas Merton’s Encounter with Chinese Wisdom in His Quest for Authenticity


Kathy (Huili) Stout

Doctoral Student, Department of Religious Studies, University of Dayton

Sunday Schedule

Practical and Pastoral Sessions:

USCCA Gradient.png

Chinese International Students in American Universities I   


International Students in the U.S.: From Recruitment, to Support, to Retention

Andrea Zhou

Doctoral student in Higher Education Admin at Saint Louis University (SLU), Assistant Director of Student Experience at INTO SLU


Bridging Catholicism and Confucianism: a Comparative Theological Perspective in Theo 101

Xueying Wang

Theology Department, Loyola University Chicago


Encountering Religion as a Chinese International Student

Jordan Qiao 
Recent Graduate of The College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota

Serving Society in China                                      


The Work of the Dui Hua Foundation

(Two articles: ​Two Good Priests & 

The Jesus Family

John Kamm 
Executive Director, The Dui Hua Foundation 


A New Way to Serve the Chinese Disadvantaged People

Deacon Patrick So
Board Director, Christian Service Community North America Charity Corps


Serving Society in China

Fr. Joseph Rongpin Li, Director, Jinde Charities Foundation

Chinese Students at American Catholic High Schools


Making Connections - Accommodating the Academic and Social Needs of Chinese Students


Gary Meegan, Ph.D.
Theology Department Chair, Junípero Serra High School, San Mateo, California



Developing Curriculum for Teaching Theology to Chinese Students


Rev. Jonathan Mitchican
Chaplain, Saint John XXIII College Preparatory, Katy, Texas



Better Prepared for Life

Rev. John Shujie Chen 陈书杰 
Pastor, St. Eulalia Church, Winchester, Massachusetts and former Vice-Rector, Chinese National Seminary, Beijing 

Chinese International Students in American Universities II   


Chinese Students Success at Jesuit University

Andrea Zhou

Doctoral student in Higher Education Admin at Saint Louis University (SLU), Assistant Director of Student Experience at INTO SLU


Mission Practicals: Living in the Present Moment

Nicholas Sun 
Missionary on college campuses, Archdiocese of Milwaukee


Catholic Universities: Sharing a Human Vision with Chinese International Students

Michael Agliardo, SJ
Director, US-China Catholic Association

Preparing for Ministry in China          


Mission with Education in China

Rev. Zhuyuan Shao 邵珠远
Priest of the Diocese of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province



Why Did I Choose Liturgy as My Major?

Rev. Yuebing Zhang 张跃兵
Priest of the Diocese of Jilin, Jilin Province



The Changing Face of Beijing National Seminary

Rev. John Shujie Chen 陈书杰 
Pastor, St. Eulalia Church, Winchester, Massachusetts and former Vice-Rector, Chinese National Seminary, Beijing 

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