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Where Are the Churches in China?And Why? Geographical Patterns of Church Development

Why are there so many Catholic churches in Hebei Province? And why so many Protestant Churches in Anhui? When thinking about missions, we don’t always consider geography, yet the five official religions in China are very geographically concentrated.

On Thursday, June 16th, 2022, Dr. Fenggang Yang gave a lecture entitled, “Where Are the Churches in China? And Why? Geographical Patterns of Church Development.” In it, he presented the geographical distribution of Catholic and Protestant churches in China, discussed several distinctive characteristics of the churches and their locations, and traced some of the historical and social patterns of church development.

about dr. Fenggang Yang

Dr. Fenggang Yang is a professor of sociology at Purdue University and the director of the Center on Religion and the Global East. His primary research interests include the sociology of religion, religious change in China, and immigrant religion in the United States. Dr. Yang has authored numerous articles and books, in both Chinese and English. His most recent book in English is Atlas of Religion in China: Social and Geographical Contexts (2018).

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