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News from the USCCA and the church in China

2022 Chinese Worldview Seminar

The USCCA’s esteemed partner, ERRChina (Educational Resources & Referrals – China) invites you to attend its next Chinese Worldviews Seminar, an intensive, six-day online event.

This series, sponsored by ERRChina’s China Academic Consortium, will explore the background and development of contemporary Chinese worldviews.

Friday, May 20 What are China’s moral foundations?

Saturday, May 21 How did China become communist?

Friday, May 27 What is the Chinese concept of God?

Saturday, May 28 How does China differ from the US?

Friday, June 3 How will China adapt after COVID-19?

Saturday, June 4 Will China rule the world someday?

This is an extraordinary opportunity that will enable attendees develop friendships and do business with Chinese people in China, the US, and around the world. Course credit may also be available.


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