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ever ancient,
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Experience China’s modern cities. Universities, art districts, the music scene. Meet Chinese young adults -- Catholic, Protestant, traditional and secular. Experience the ever ancient and ever young human quest from a Chinese perspective. For first-time visitors, the tour can be extended to include popular destinations such as the Forbidden Palace and the Great Wall.

This tour is specially designed for those who work with Chinese international students at U.S. high schools and universities. All are welcome.

(Please note: leader may change due to the timing of the tour)

Father Michael Agliardo, director of the USCCA and research scholar at Santa Clara University, will lead the tour. Staff of the internationally respected Beijing Center for Chinese Studies will provide logistical support.



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Visit ancient imperial sites and churches coexisting on land granted by emperors in centuries past; enjoy magnificently restored historic churches, and a seminary visit.


The site of 1st imperial capital of China and the
terminus of the fabled Silk Road; Nestorian Stele is home to St. Francis Cathedral (1715); a vibrant Catholic community.


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A cosmopolitan city and center of world finance, and yet, important center of Chinese urban Catholicism, including Fudan University and Sheshan pilgrimage site.