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Study Tours in the Making 2021

Currently, things have opened up in China, and in most locations people are able to travel freely. However, it is not yet possible for people to travel to China from the United States. 


Our study tour partners in China tell us that they are confident that travel to China will be possible by late May 2021, and we remain cautiously optimistic. 


Once it is possible to travel, we will be ready. And we welcome you to join us. The following three study tours are under consideration. If you think you might like to participate in one or other of these study tours, please indicate your interest on the form below.

From the Heartland to the Borderlands: Faith in Chinese Context

China is a land of surpassing cultural and historical breadth. Experience its ultra-modern cities, its great centers of education, and its ancient heartland, as well as villages in Yunnan and the foothills of Tibet where some of the minority groups that participate in the cultural mix of China have lived for centuries. In these diverse settings, study tour participants will hear firsthand from local Catholics and witness the role that the faith plays in their communities. 


This study tour is especially for graduate students and other members of the academic community. Educational subsidies may be available. Others who would find the experience worthwhile are more than welcome.

USCCA Friends Across the Pacific

Visit China – experience its modern metropolises and ancient historical sites – Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xi'an. Experience the Church Universal, one faith expressed in different and unique ways. And amidst the challenges and discord of our day, we support one another in the journey of faith. 


This tour is especially for seminary rectors and representatives of Catholic organizations that want to better understand the contemporary circumstances of China and the community of faith, as well as prospects for collaboration in the future.  Others who would find the experience worthwhile are more than welcome.

China Ever Ancient, Ever Young

This study tour of China integrates the experience of China’s modern cities – universities, art districts, music scene – with the opportunity to meet with Chinese young adults – Catholic, Protestant, traditional, secular. If you have never visited China before, the tour can be extended to include some of the classic tourist destinations, from the Forbidden Palace to the Great Wall.

This tour is especially designed for those in the United States who work with Chinese international students, either on U.S. high school or university campuses. Others who would find the experience worthwhile are more than welcome.

Study Tours in the Making 2021

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