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Application Page:

From the Heartland
to the Borderlands

Faith in Chinese context
May 2020

The USCCA is dedicated to dialogue and mutual understanding.  In light of our mission we conduct this study tour to build bonds of friendship with all the people we meet, as well as to provide an opportunity to learn about the inspiring story of the Catholic community in China first-hand.  People who participate in this study tour agree to do so in the spirit of our mission and to contribute to a positive experience for all group members.

Wednesday, May 6


Sunday, May 17, 2020

12 days, 11 nights

5 provinces
Regional cuisine from throughout China

Bei Tang renovations [MJA 269].JPG
Dates and further steps

February 15: Application deadline for first-round decision.

February 18: Acceptance notification for first-round decision.

If there is still availability after February 18, further applications will be reviewed on

a rolling basis, and decisions will be made within two days of receipt of application.

ImportantOnce accepted, please begin the process to apply for your visa to China (if needed).

March 1: Send in“Participant Additional Information” form and copy of passport.

March 1: Remit 50% non-refundable deposit. 

Deposit and passport are necessary for booking your travel within China.

March 20: Full payment due.

March 30: Send in flight reservations and copy of Chinese visa.


Please note: We understand that plans do change. While we will try to accommodate unanticipated changes, failure to adhere to the above deadlines could lead to forfeiture of your place in the program and/or of your deposit.

Wednesday, May 6: Arrival in Shanghai, by 4 PM if possible.

Sunday, May 17: Date of departure from Guangzhou (unless you plan to stay on for additional days).



Assistance in making arrangements


Visa for China

If you do not already have a tourist visa for China, you should begin the application process for one once you receive notification of your acceptance. The current Chinese Visa application form is available here.


Assistance with the Chinese Visa application process

Please review carefully:

  • For participation in this study tour, you must arrive in China on a Tourist Visa.

  • Once you have been accepted to the study tour, our partners in Beijing will arrange for an official invitation letter that you submit with your application.

  • You will also be provided detailed instructions for completing the Chinese Visa application form. 

  • Applying for a visa to China can be a bit tricky. Many people have their visa application for China rejected, sometimes for very technical reasons. The instructions we provide are meant to clarify the process.

  • If you would like assistance with the application process, the travel agent listed below, Mr. James Khoh, can shepherd that process for a reasonable fee. 

Transit to China

Note that traveling to China from the United States involves crossing the international dateline. When you do so, you lose an entire calendar day. Be sure to take that into account when booking your flight.

Kayak and similar online services often do locate excellent travel options, but if you would like to work with our travel agent to arrange your travel, please contact:

Mr. James Khoh

Apollo Travel &Tours

6100 Corporate Drive, Suite 328

Houston, TX 77036

(713) 490-7888



Further assistance

For questions or assistance regarding this study tour, please contact:

Mr. Bernard Ciernick

USCCA Study Tour Coordinator

Downloadable Info Sheet
how to apply

To participate in the Heartland, Borderlands Study Tour, please follow these steps:

1. Carefully review the information for this study tour provided on our website. That information can also be found on a downloadable Contemporary China, Contemporary Church Info Sheet.


2. Fill in the Heartland, Borderlands Study Tour Application (see below) and email to


Deadline for first-round decision is February 15. It there is space available after that date, we may continue to accept applica-tions. Inquiries welcome. If you need a decision before February 15, you may request expedited review of your application.

Downloadable Info Sheet
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