Connecting Chinese and Americans in fraternity, faith, and mutual respect.

Since its inception in 1989, the US-China Catholic Association has brought church leaders, scholars, journalists, and others to China with the purpose of helping them better understand Chinese society and the circumstances of the Christians who live there.
All study tours include translators so that participants can
hear firsthand the accounts of Chinese academics, church leaders, seminarians and sisters in formation, and those who work in various ministries and social services.
In addition study tours include dedicated and knowledgeable tour leaders who provide background and unparalleled commentary. Local, trustworthy Chinese provide complete logistical support. And most study tours include a chaplain and spiritual guide.
Most study tours focus on the history and ministry of Catholic Christians, but they include Mainline Protestants, Evangelicals, and Orthodox, as well.
Through these study tours, the USCCA builds bridges between the Church and its members in China and in the U.S. Participants not only develop a deep appreciation of the struggles and triumphs of their Chinese brothers and sisters as they witness to their faith. Often profoundly moved, they walk away with a deeper appreciate of the struggles and triumphs of Christian witness in their own society.
In addition, study tour participants are given the opportunity to experience some of the great cultural and historical sites of China, as well as to enjoy the expansive diversity of China’s famous cuisines.

Upcoming Study Tours 2021

From the Heartlands to the Borderlands

Faith in Chinese Context

USCCA Friends Across the Pacific

Solidarity in Challenging Times

China: Ever Ancient, Ever Young

The Human Quest

Past Study Tours

Witnesses to the Faith

From the depths, a journey unfolds



Hong Kong, Xi'an, Hebei Province & Beijing



Xi'an & Hebei Province



The US-China Catholic Association was founded in 1989 by concerned U.S. bishops, Maryknoll, the Jesuits, and representatives of other religious orders in order to promote mutual support and fraternal ties between the Church in China and the U.S. Church.

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