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We offer here a comprehensive list of resources concerning Chinese theology and the
Church in China. Some will facilitate exploration of the relationship between Christianity
and Chinese culture, drawing on a range of disciplines, including history, philosophy,
theology, and sociology. Others provide news and essays pertaining to contemporary
developments that affect the life of the Chinese Church.

Currently, this list includes mainly resources in English, or bilingual resources in
Chinese and English. We have plans to expand this list in the coming months to include
other languages.

For comments, corrections, or suggestions regarding additional publications and news
sources to include, please contact the USCCA Communication Coordinator at


Asia News

AsiaNews serves as an information platform serving the Church’s mission in Asia. It makes known to the larger world developments that affect the life of the Church in Asia. And it serves the need of the local Churches in Asia by providing them with information concerning the worldwide Church, including words of the Pope, other statements from the Vatican, and developments which affect the life of the Church as a whole. Accordingly, articles on its website can be read in Chinese (as well as Italian, Spanish, and English). To receive daily headlines from AsiaNews, subscribe here.


AsianNews is the press agency of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME). The editor-in-chief of AsiaNews is Fr. Bernardo Cervellera, a PIME missionary who also heads Agenzia Fides, the official news agency of the Vatican.

Bitter Winter

寒冬: 一本關於中國宗教自由及人權狀況的雜誌

Bitter Winter is a highly professional, respected source for news on religious rights in China. Its site is published in five languages (English, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Chinese). Its governing board consists of scholars, members of civil society organizations, and civil servants with strong credentials in academic and government circles. In addition to news articles covering recent developments in China, the Bitter Winter site includes interviews, opinion pieces, public documents, and archives of past content extending back to May 2018. One cannot subscribe to a newsletter or listserv for Bitter Winter, but one can follow Bitter Winter on Facebook.


Bitter Winter is published by il Centro Studi sulle Nuove Religioni (the Center for Studies on New Religions), abbreviated as CESNUR. CESNUR, as its name implies, focuses on “new religious movements,” which almost universally incur hostile rhetoric and persecution, and accordingly, the board and contributors of Bitter Winter take a watchdog perspective. Indeed, CESNUR often takes up the cause of the groups it studies, from the Unification Church in the E.U. to the Church of Almighty God in China.


Center on Religion and Chinese Society E-Newsletter


The E-Newsletter of the Center on Religion and Chinese Society (CRCS) is a free update that comes out monthly. Much of the information contained in the newsletter pertains to the research of CRCS, pertinent research and conferences, and related publications. This publication is essential for those who are concerned with social trends and religion in China and among Chinese throughout the world. Those interested in subscribing to themay do so on the newsletter’s main page (link above).


The Center on Religion and Chinese Society is based at Purdue University. Founded by Dr. Fenggang Yang, it was established to advance the social scientific study of religion in Chinese societies and among the Chinese in diasporas. According to the Center itself, the meaning of “Chinese” and “religion” as used here is broadly inclusive, taking in all religions and spiritualities practiced by the Chinese anywhere in the world. “[B]eing Chinese in the global era means being cosmopolitan and going beyond existing boundaries.” Nonetheless, a primary focus of CRCS is Christianity on the P.R.C., its circumstances, and is ongoing social development. CRCS is one of the premier social scientific research centers on religion, and especially Christianity, among Chinese in the English-speaking world.

The US-China Catholic Association was founded in 1989 by concerned U.S. bishops, Maryknoll, the Jesuits, and representatives of other religious orders in order to promote mutual support and fraternal ties between the Church in China and the U.S. Church.

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