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29th International Conference: A Gift and an Opportunity

29th International Conference: A Gift and an Opportunity

By Daniel Lang

I feel delighted to read that our next USCCA conference is coming. While I'd certainly like to be back there if I could (in the great city of Chicago, too!), I'm hard at work in Asia. Still, that's an exciting example of the friendships made through USCCA and why I encourage you to attend.

My attendance at the most recent 2021 USCCA Conference during the waning COVID-19 pandemic years catalyzed an opportunity for me to serve the Chinese-speaking communities of Asia, both remotely and face-to-face. My priest had noticed the USCCA Conference in Santa Clara, CA. and referred me to it. When I was there, God placed me in the right place at the right time. My priest knew well my interest in the Chinese Catholicism. He felt so certain of its benefit to me that he sponsored my attendance. With this gift, I participated.

At the Conference, I met firsthand numerous individuals. This led to new friendships and treasured connections as then I was a recent college graduate in the COVID-19 pandemic. I felt empowered by the chance to take a more active role in bridge-building too. The Conference especially helped me at that time find new ways to retool and serve others by sharing my experiences during and after the pandemic. I had the opportunity to mentor a Chinese undergraduate in Shanghai.

With people I met at the conference, I spent time discerning and headed to Malaysia and Singapore, where I participated in encounters facilitated by my presence with people in need. In addition to the friendships, the Conference equipped me with accurate, research-informed knowledge of current, past and possible future events.

When people find out about the world simply through the major news outlets, they sometimes miss a more nuanced understanding of everyday life for fellow Catholics across the Pacific. The conference does an excellent job of sharing on-the-ground


The Conference theme this year is “Our Hope is in Christ,” which seems especially timely, given tensions abroad between the U.S. and China. In my most recent work, I've returned to service in Mongolia.

Peace and friendship across the Pacific remain at the forefront of my work.

Last fall, our country received Pope Francis and many Chinese pilgrims. I have seen firsthand the importance of being witnesses wherever we are. I have opportunities for fellowship and serve at parishes on Sundays.

(That's me on the far right side. 2024 Mongolia.)

My experiences in relating to parishioners in East and Southeast Asia are a result and a blessing from participating in the USCCA Conference in Santa Clara.

Especially if you haven't been before and feel even the slightest tug to consider participating, in the USCCA 29th International Conference in Chicago, August 2-4, 2024 it will be well worth the effort. The USCCA Conference will be a lively place where connections lead both to insights and new directions. I remember well the brunches

together with staff, cordial times to mingle between sessions with the presenters and, of course, the celebration of the Mass.

The energy was palpable, among such motivated minds and hearts. For me, as one preparing for graduate school, the Conference helped me to see possibilities for where God would lead me next in life. It connected me with so many new friends, from Shanghai to Chicago, New York to Nevada and Santa Clara to Singapore.

By taking a leap of faith with the 29th International Conference, I'm confident you'll feel welcomed and enthused by the environment of hope.


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  • David Lang attended USCCA's 28th International Conference in Santa Clara, CA (summer 2021); since then, David has remained in regular communication with Tom McGuire, a member of the Board of Directors at USCCA.

  • If you've attended previous USCCA International Conferences and would like to share your reflections about the Conference, why it mattered to you in your life and ministry, and how you've experienced the values of Friendship and Dialogue, please contact the USCCA at


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