Key Developments over the Year

Let us embrace hope together.

Throughout the preceding year, the USCCA has pursued its mission to build bridges of mutual support between Catholics and other Christians in the U.S. and in China.

  • The China Association hosted or co-hosted talks across the nation – on John C.H. Wu (at Santa Clara University), on the circumstances of the Catholic Church (at America Media in New York City), on Chinese religious policy (at Loyola University Chicago and Notre Dame University).

  • It sponsored a pilgrimage to China devoted to the inspiring witness of our brothers and sisters in faith there.

  • It helped support a Chinese priest in studies in the U.S.

  • And it is participating in the launch of a theological network for Chinese sisters.

Here we gather together some of the moments that stood out in the preceding year or so.


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Events & Programs

Throughout the preceding year the China Association sponsored a series of events and programs to further its mission of dialogue and bridge building. USCCA reps appeared in U.S. parishes across the country; it sponsored speakers who are well-informed concerning the circumstances of the Church in China; and it created opportunities to learn about the mutually enriching engagement between Chinese culture and Christianity.

John CH Wu Public Talk

In April the USCCA brought reputed scholar Robert Gimello to the Santa Clara University campus to speak about the legacy of John C.H. Wu, whose legacy as a Chinese thinker and a Catholic is unsurpassed.

Nov. Bay Area Concert 

 Last November, he choirs of the Bay Area Chinese Catholic communities staged a magnificent performance in support of the USCCA; renowned Jesuit artist Bob Fabing also sang and shared his experience working in China.

Mission Appeals

In 2019 China Association reps spoke about the Church in China at parishes in ten dioceses across the U.S., brining the needs and the witness of the Chinese Church to American Catholics.

Exchanges with Chinese Scholars at Fuyou

Fr. Michael gathered weekly with the Chinese scholars staying at the Interfriendship House in Berkeley to exchange views on culture and values.

Witnesses to the Faith

In April, USCCA Board member Dr. Anthony Clark, a man of faith and noted scholar, lead pilgrims for a journey of faith and discovery in Beijing, Shanxi, and Hebei.

Fr. Michael speaks at America Media

In September, Fr. Michael Agliardo spoke about the circumstances of the Church in China at America Media headquarters in NYC.

Ian Johnson in Chicago

Ian Johnson, award-winning journalist and author of The Souls of China, spoke about religious policy in China at a USCCA event at Loyola University Chicago.

Ian Johnson at Notre Dame

Ian Johnson & Fr. Michael with Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins before Johnson’s talk on campus, an event organized by the McGrath Institute for Church Life.

New Faces at the USCCA

During the past year we have been blessed with many new members of the Board of Directors. Some are will serve as liaisons with their religious congregations and the U.S. Chinese Catholic community. Others bring the insight and resources of the academy. Still others bring their acumen and experience from the business world. All of us are united by love and respect for China’s cultural heritage, our faith in Christ, and our fellowship with one another. (Meet our entire Board here.)

Fr. Drew Christiansen, SJ

Distinguished Professor of Ethics Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and a senior fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.

Dr. Amanda Clark

Library Director and Associate Dean of Special Programs at Whitworth University, as well as author of China’s Last Jesuit: Charles J. McCarthy and the End of the Mission in Catholic Shanghai

Dr. Anthony Clark

Well-known author, professor of late-imperial Chinese history, and director of the Asian Studies Program at Whitworth University

Fr. George da Roza, SSC

Holds a doctorate in Chinese literature & film and serves Chinese Catholic communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. Richard Madsen

Distinguished Professor of Sociology, UC San Diego and Director of the Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China

Dr. Anne Tsui

Distinguished professor of business at Notre Dame,  visiting Professor at Peking U. and Fudan U.

Mr. Kenneth Wang

Successful Silicon Valley businessman and committed Catholic lay leader, serving on the boards of the San Jose Chinese Catholic Mission, Santa Clara Catholic Charities, and the U.S. bishops' National Advisory Council.

Dr. Stephanie Wong

Assistant Professor who teaches about and researches world Christianity at Valparaiso University, focusing on Christianity and Chinese culture.

Rev. Peter Zhai

Director of Chinese Ministry for the Archdiocese of San Francisco and member of the Society of the Divine Word.

Staff & Volunteers

Meet some of the talented staff and volunteers who help with USCCA programs and operations. (Read more about our staff and volunteers here.) If you would like to get involved with the China Association, you can find more information here.

Bernard Ciernick

…coordinates USCCA study tours, mission appeals, and special projects.

Heidi Ibisate

… oversees contributions and directs the USCCA’s Affiliates Program.

Brendan Agliardo

…maintains website and oversees IT operations.

Diane Long & her team

…will produce some of the resource pages for the USCCA website..

Peter Chan

…makes sure our finances are in order.

Jessica Britt

…assists in organizing the USCCA’s upcoming conference. 

Networking & Outreach

It is also vitally important to get to reach out to and support other organizations that share similar goals. During this past year, Fr. Michael, the Board of Directors, and the USCCA staff have connected with numerous allies to learn how to be of support and explore ways to collaborate.

InterFriendship House

We do not have to go far to find Fuyou. They provide the USCCA’s office space. Here we celebrate Chinese New Year together at 1646 Addison. 

Jinde Charities


Fr. Michael with Fr. J.B. Zhang, founder of Jinde Catholic Charities in Hebei and a good friend of the USCCA. Jinde is a respected Catholic presence in China.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Meetings held with CASS reps helped clarify Beijing's position on key matters.

China Religious Society

Here a group led by Fr. Michael meets with Dr. Huiling Yang, then Vice-President of the China Religious Society based at People’s University, Beijing.

Abp. Silvano Tomasi, CS

Meeting in Rome with Archbishop Tomasi, a Scalabrini priest, a socio-logist, & an expert on migration. He has a deep concern for the Church in China.

Abp. Claudio Celli

Meeting with Archbishop Celli, lead negotiator for the Vatican with China, during the month or so prior to when the accord was announced.

Ricci Institute at USF

Fr. Michael has explored ways to coop-erate with the Ricci Institute, based at the Univ. of San Francisco. Ricci, headed by Antoni Ucerler, SJ, is a center for research on Christianity in East Asia.


ChinaSource is an Evangelical institute with a long history serving the trans-Pacific Church; two of their leaders, Joann Pittman & Brent Fulton, will be honored at USCCA's next conference.

Dui Hua Foundation

Fr. Michael at Dui Hua’s dinner for announcing important new initiatives, here with Founding Director Maggie Yum, Archbishop Savio Hon, and Executive Director John Kamm.


Martha Chan, here with Fr. Michael and Archbishop Savio Hon, runs a Christian organization that has served edu-cational needs in China for 4 decades.

Anson Chan speaks about Hong Kong at Stanford

After the event, Fr. Michael and Fr. Carlos Olivera, met the Honorable Ms. Chan, who made sure they knew she was a devout Catholic.

10th European Catholic China Colloquium

In August Fr. Michael traveled to Germany to participate in this important gathering with Catholic leaders from China and across Europe; here pictured with Dr. Wang Meixiu and Fr. Jeroom Heyndrickx, CICM.

USCCB Secretariat of Cultural Diversity

Sr. Myrna Tordillo, who works for the U.S. bishops on matters of culture & faith, is collaborating with the China Association on several fronts.

Abp. Savio Hon, SDB

Archbishop Hon visited the Bay Area in December. Fr. Michael was able to meet with him on several occasions during his visit.

California Catholic Ministries Conference

Bernard Ciernick and Fr. Michael man USCCA a booth at CaCMC 2019, spreading the word.

The US-China Catholic Association was founded in 1989 by concerned U.S. bishops, Maryknoll, the Jesuits, and representatives of other religious orders in order to promote mutual support and fraternal ties between the Church in China and the U.S. Church.

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