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Campus Engagement
Initiative expansion campaign

Friendship across cultures, sharing meaning and faith.


Not all Chinese young people are looking for faith. However, all are looking for friendship and meaning in life. In that respect, they are no different from other young people in any other land. 


The USCCA’s Campus Engagement Initiative (CEI) meets them at this important moment in their lives and offers friendship and resources for the journey.


Building friendship across cultures is especially timely. When globalization and polarization dehumanize us, friendship calls us back to our authentic humanity.


And for those who seek a foundation that will last them a lifetime and beyond, the Christian faith opens their heart and their imagination. They may no other chance to encounter the Gospel.

Vital - Andy.jpg

Andy, an exchange student from one of China’s premier universities in Beijing, is here for a year to learn and explore. His time in the U.S. is a unique opportunity.


Nick is active in campus ministry at Santa Clara University. Participating in activities where he makes friends from China also allows him to share a precious gift – his faith.


Phoebe is a Catholic from Wenzhou now pursuing a graduate degree in architecture. Being involve in our ministry has deepened her faith and given her the courage to reach out to others.

The CEI provides Chinese international students opportunities for making friends on campus that they might not otherwise – American-born students (some of Chinese descent) who are interested in them and their experience. Chinese internationals also appreciate the opportunity to get of campus and meet members of the local Chinese Catholic community. In this context, they can witness celebration of the faith in their own language.

Model – SJ Young adult ministry group.jpg

The San Jose Chinese Catholic Community has been our base of support in the area

MODEL 2.jpg

Friendships formed with students at Newman Hall, the Catholic ministry at UC Berkeley

In addition to relying on local students and community, the CEI relies on people like you who support these life-changing efforts.

Track copy.jpg

Two Tracks

CEI programming runs on two tracks, one that emphasizes friendship and the sharing of experience, the other that provides explicit options for exploring the faith.

Online Resources:

  • Each campus has its own dedicated website

  • The CEI also hosts a Chinese language website dedicated to aiding Catholic high schools that recruit in China

  • This campaign will fund a website to produce relevant resources in Chinese and English for exploring life, meaning, and Catholic faith




Pilot - Keyun welcome.jpg

Now a successful professional in Silicon Valley, Keyun Tong shares his experience with Santa Clara University grad students arriving from China for the first time. Keyun is a cradle Catholic from China who himself attended university in the United States.


Bay Area CEI Coordinator Kathleen also met one-on-one and in small groups with Chinese international students throughout the Bay Area to learn about their experience and reflect together on the journey of life.

Pilot – SJCCM Thanksgiving 1.jpg

The Thanksgiving celebration hosted by the San Jose Chinese Catholic Community was brought in 50 Chinese international students to learn about American culture. Fr. Michael explains why we give thanks.

Pilot – Newman dinner.jpg

Sunday dinner at Newman Hall, University of California Berkeley, was a chance for Chinese international students and Catholics on campus to get to know one another.

Pilot – Berkeley partners Christmas.jpg

In cooperation with our friends and colleagues at China Outreach Ministries and ERRChina (two lead Protestant outreach organizations), the USCCA hosted a Bay Area Christmas celebration that focused on the person at the heart of our celebration, Jesus of Nazareth.


By the Numbers - Chinese inatl student in US.jpg

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese students come to the U.S. to study each year, and many study at Catholic campuses. They should not be ignored or worse, ostracized because of the tensions that mark our polarized world. They should be welcome. Friendship can be a powerful force for good. It is also an opportunity to share the best of our culture, our values, and our faith.

Source: US Department of Homeland Security.

By the Numbers - Religious adherents in China.jpg

One of the reasons Protestant Christianity has grown exponentially in China is the support lent to the movement by students and scholars who found the faith and returned from abroad.  In 2013 it was predicted that if trends continue, China would become the largest Christian nation on Earth by 2035.

Source: “Protestant Christianity is booming in China,” The Economist (9/15/2020)

"To evangelize is to share our faith in the Gospel. Protestants in the U.S. have taken up this responsibility, and it has made a difference in the lives of countless young people from China. Catholics seem to be less active in this regard, even on Catholic campuses. Isn’t the Gospel a treasure that is worth sharing?"


– Martha Chan, President, ERRChina, a leading Protestant organization that serves China

Goals - Lindblom. John photo smaller.jpg

A joint staff appointee with the McGrath Institute for Church Life at Notre Dame University, John Lindblom will serve as National Coordinator of the CEI. John, who received his doctorate from Notre Dame, speaks fluent Chinese and has advocating launching this program for years.

Expanding the Campus Engagement Initiative 

Current phase: June 2022 to May 2023
     Launch pilot programs in S.F. Bay Area
     Develop online support for programming
     Develop ministry model


2023-24: Expand to second metro area   
     Expand to 4 metro areas, institutionalize model
     Develop Explorer resources website


2024-26: Expand to additional metro areas, institutionalize model
     Finalize staff training and leadership model 
     Expand programming to two additional metro areas
     Lay foundation for next phase of expansion 





June 2023 to May 2024

Staff: $22,222                
Activities: $22,222
Resource Development: $22,222     

June 2024 to May 25​

Resource Development$22,222     


June 2025 to May 26




Resource Development$22,222



Total campaign goal over three years: $865,000

The CEI relies on dedicated staff, the involvement of local supporters and the institutional infrastructure of both the US-China Catholic Association and the McGrath Institute for Church Life. As a result, it requires very little additional expenditure for overhead. Your contribution goes toward making the programs work.


Message from Fr. Michael 

    We hope that you are as excited by the promise of the USCCA’s Campus Engagement Initiative as we are. This initiative is only possible because many people pitch in to make it a reality – Catholic students eager to reach out, dedicated campus ministers, members of the local Chinese Catholic community, and innovative staff.

    Will you join with us to welcome Chinese international students? Inspired by the Gospel, let us build the future together. 

    To find out if there is CEI programming in your area, or to explore how to initiate such programming, contact me. I would love to hear from you. 


Fr. Michael Agliardo
USCCA Executive Director


The USCCA is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.


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