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Current survey: 2020 Annual in-person meeting

Dear USCCA Board Members:


Below please find a range of options for the October Board meeting. This meeting takes the place of the Annual In-person Board Meeting. It may be broken up into two or more sessions.

These options respond to the recommendation of the Strategic Planning Committee to facilitate greater collaboration among Board members and their participation in the mission of the China Association. 

NOTE: In addition to the possibilities below, there will be a business session, which all Board Directors should plan to attend, circumstances permitting.

Please complete this survey by Sunday evening. If you find this format a bit cumbersome, you may simply email any comments to Fr. Michael or Tom McGuire.

October Board Meeting: Basic Parameters

USCCA October Board Meeting: 

Survey Results

Based on the above survey results the Exec Committee will consider the following options:


  • That the October meeting take place the weekend of October 10-11, with the business meeting taking place late morning / midday Saturday, October 10.

  • Mass online will be held for those who would like to join, but there is no expectation that Board members join, especially since some have pastoral duties and others are sustain their local communities during this time.

  • The business session will include a brief presentation on plans of the USCCA moving forward and a word from one or two new colleagues, especially regarding development (10 minutes).

  • Additional session: There is strong interest in an update on the Church in China. We will recruit presenters (perhaps on the Board) to speak briefly and include time for questions.

  • One further  “for those who would like to participate”: An open discussion on either the Church in China or future directions of the USCCA.


The US-China Catholic Association was founded in 1989 by concerned U.S. bishops, Maryknoll, the Jesuits, and representatives of other religious orders in order to promote mutual support and fraternal ties between the Church in China and the U.S. Church.

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