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USCCA 2020

Year-End appeal

USCCA logo - gold, clear bgd, with text
USCCA logo - gold, clear bgd, with text

Dear Friends in Christ,
Peace be with you as we begin our Advent journey.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we rely on God and on one another.
I learned that from the support I have been given by our Board members. They have lent their time and wisdom unsparingly. I learned that from our staff here at the China Association. Their dedication and creativity has slowly transformed old programs and inspired new ones. And I learned that from our many supporters, who have written and volunteered and participated in our programs.
For all this, I also give thanks to God, who is at work in our midst and in our hearts.
Indeed, while the world ground to a halt in 2020, here at the USCCA we were able to redouble our efforts in service to our mission. Throughout this epidemic, we have kept in touch with our partners and colleagues in China. And while some programs were put on hold, we launched new initiatives. Now we are looking forward to 2021 as our best year ever. You will see all the good work we have been doing this year and a snapshot of what next year holds in store. 

Historically, the China Association has relied largely on our Mission Appeal program and our Annual Appeal to raise the mainstay of our support. Due to the pandemic, this year we were not able to go out into parishes around the country for Mission Appeals, but through our Keep the Faith campaign our supporters kept us going. Next summer, we look forward to running our Mission Appeals again. Until that time, we need to raise $80,000 to keep our organization running at its current level. 

Yes! I will stand by the USCCA 


If you would like to support the the USCCA at this time, know that every contribution – whether $10 or $1000 – is deeply appreciated. Know that every contribution is multiplied by the talent and hard work of our staff and volunteers. Thank you again for your consideration and generosity.
Let us pray that God increase the faith and fraternity of all Christians on both sides of the
In Our Lord,

Father Michael

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The following are the current programs and events of the USCCA

Highlights for 2021

2019-10-29 Johnson Chicago event 085 [JM

Hosting three events in our Speaker Series, including a talk in February about Hong Kong and the role of the Churches

fellowship 1 - 1920pixels.jpg

Hosting online workshops for high schools and universities that host Chinese international students;

Heartland Email Image2.png

Running three study tours in China, each with a specific theme and purpose;

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 8.02.25 PM.png

Publishing a volume of the photographs of Chinese Catholics by Lu Nan, one of the most acclaimed photographers in China;


Hosting our 28th international conference in the Santa Clara University Campus.

China, Christianity, and

the Dialogue of Civilizations

The 28th International Conference of the USCCA

August 6th – 9th, 2021 at Santa Clara University 

Santa Clara, California

While we were disappointed that our 28th International Conference – scheduled for last March – had to be postponed, we are proud to announce that it will take place, God willing, next year. Worth waiting for, please mark your calendars.

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.05.18 PM.png

For three decades the US-China Catholic Association’s conferences have brought together Catholics, fellow Christians, scholars, and the wider public from across the world to share stories of faith and learn about the circumstances of the Church in China. We hope you will join us this August. Learn more at

USCCA Launches its Campus Engagement Initiative

The US-China Association has officially launched a new program called the “Campus Engagement Initiative.” The goal of this initiative is to enhance the capacity of the university and high school personnel to better engage the Chinese international students on their campuses. Our current focus is Catholic campuses, where we are reaching student services personnel, recruiters and admissions officers, campus ministers, and professors of theology and religion, offering them a series of online workshops, and other resources for them and their students.

Campus Engagement Initiatve s being launched at what seems to be a very inauspicious time. Currently, U.S. campuses are struggling to open,and their students from China are attempting to plug in online. Meanwhile, the tense rhetoric between China and the U.S. has left many feeling that they are not welcome. It is precisely at this time that providing welcome and support for these young people is so crucial.

Copy of Copy of Annual Appeal Draft2.png

Workshop videos are available to view at CEI Resources:

fellowship 1 - 1920pixels (2).jpg

One of our goals is to provide faculty and campus personnel with an introduction to the cultural, sociological, and philosophical backgrounds of Chinese International students.

To that end, the US-China Association will be offering several workshops at both the university and high school level online via Zoom. These workshops will be offered both in Fall 2020 and in Spring 2021. Additional dates will be added soon.


Some of the workshop topics include: What are the concerns and aspirations common among young people in China today? What issues do they encounter as they adapt to U.S. college campuses? How can a Catholic campus be a place of welcome, intellectual development, and personal growth for these intrepid young people?


The goal then is to launch a conversation and promote a richer engagement of Chinese international students with Catholic campus life.


Support the USCCA for 2021 

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