New Book Review

Introducing two books to those—both the general public and the interested scholars—who 
consider taking opportunity to experience the richness and vitality of the Catholic Church in China. In these guides the authors give fascinating overview of the history, life, liturgical practices of the Catholic sites in Shanghai and Beijing. (To find out more about the history of Chinese Catholicism, please contact us at or 510-900-2015.)

Thierry Meynard, SJ, Following the Footsteps of the Jesuits in Beijing: A Guide to the Sites of Jesuit Work and Influence in Beijing

Jeremy Clarke SJ, Catholic Shanghai: A Historical, Practical, and Reflective Guide 

Chu, Cindy Yik-yi, ed. Catholicism in China, 1900-Present: The Development of the Chinese Church. Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Friends of the China Bureau based in the US published in this volume include Fr. Mark DeStephano SJ: “American Jesuits and the Woodstock Letters, 1900-1969”; Anthony E. Clark: “Catholics in Shanxi, 1900-present”; John Haney: “American Vincentians in China, 1921-1951”. Book chapters are:  Introduction The Church In China since 1900; Part 1. Catholic Missions in Local China. Part 2. Religion, Politics, and Culture: Cross-Cultural Issues in the Chinese Catholic Church. Part 3. Catholicism and Politics in the Post-Mao Period, Conclusion. The Church in China Today and the Road Ahead. 

Brockey, Liam Matthew. The Visitor: André Palmeiro and the Jesuits in Asia. Belknap Press, 2014

Clark, Anthony E. Heaven in Conflict Franciscans and the Boxer Uprising in Shanxi. University of Washington Press, 2014.