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The Society of Jesus and Maryknoll first took the initiative to establish the China Bureau in 1989. Inspired by the historic presence and contributions from Matteo Ricci and the twentieth missionary efforts of American Catholic religious men, women and laity the Bureau is well aware that present Catholic realities in China value and learn from this past. 

Contemporary Vision
Inspiration and guidance for China Bureau programs has looked to especially Pope John Paul II, the 2007 pastoral letter on China of Benedict XVI and the recent spirit of openness proclaimed by Pope Francis. All recognize the Catholic Church in China in union with the universal Church. They join with their fellow Catholics throughout the world to seek ongoing reconciliation through by means of prayer and witness so as to build up the build the faith.

Participate in Our Efforts
The U.S. Catholic China Bureau wishes to serve your interest to learn about the Catholic Church in China. Please explore our website. We welcome your comments, knowledge, insight, prayers, financial contributions and creativity to assist us as we seek to fulfill our mission of education and exchange as we proceed into the future.

US Catholic China Bureau is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States under the Internal Revenue Codes. The success of our work depends on the generosity of sponsors and donors. Please send donations and pledges to the following address to support our work.