US Catholic China Bureau's Mission
 is to provide resources and information to those who have a serious and professional interest in the Catholic Church in China, the religious situation in China, and the general situation in China. Since its founding in 1989, the U.S. Catholic China Bureau continues to educate American Catholics about the Catholic Church in China. Supported by a cross-section of Catholic religious congregations, organizations, individuals, friends, Christians and affirmed by U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the China Bureau further seeks to foster engagement and opportunities for cooperation and service between American Catholics and Chinese Catholics.

Upcoming Events & News

U.S. Catholic China Bureau invites all who are interested in better understanding the Catholic Church in China. Our main goal is to
and inform
 participants in both ecumenical and academical voices
 about Christianity in China through networking and building spiritual friendships. 
There will be keynote presentations and panels by Chinese priests, sisters and laity on the vibrancy of the Catholic Church communities and the challenges and opportunities in contemporary China. Please watch 
Fr. Rob's Invitation to learn more about the conference and 
Call for Scholarly Exchange to learn how to participate in the panel sessions on Sunday.

August 11-13, 2017 
St. John's University
Jamaica, Queens, New York City
Theme: “Experience of the China Church in the 21st Century”

Keynote Speakers include:

  • Fr. Joseph Zhang, Biblical Scholar from China, “Contemporary Chinese Catholicism: Present and Future Realities”


  • Archbishop Eugene Nugent, Holy See Study Mission Director, Hong Kong 2001-2010. Present Apostolic Nuncio to Haiti. 

    “Reconciliation in the Church: Experience of the Church in China” 

  • Fr. Joseph Jiang, S.J. Boston College “Chinese Catholicism: Observations and Pastoral Options” 

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 is now open through July 21

Please read: The Future of the Sino-Vatican Dialogue From an Ecclesiastical Point of View by John Cardinal Tong (Hong Kong), 
ourtesy of Holy Spirit Study Centre (Hong Kong)

SUMMER 2017 CHINA TOUR (Registration Closed)
From June 12 to 25, 2017, 
U.S. Catholic China Bureau offers a great opportunity to learn Chinese culture and visit Catholic sites in China. Watch video for general info. 
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